Keep your four-leggers safe this holiday season!

When the weather outside is frightful… is a trip to your vet as delightful? Make sure that during this holiday, you understand the hidden dangers that this season can bring for you and your pets!

Goldens feeling the holiday spirit!

Read through the list below to make sure that the night before Christmas, no creatures are stirring, not even a mouse!

  • Christmas Trees: Make sure all pets are supervised when around your tree. While fake trees are safer, decorations are still an attraction. When you’re not home, make sure your pets are in another room, or provide a safe pet-proof pen that can surround your tree.
  • Christmas Tree Water: Many tree water ingredients and recipes call for products that are poisonous to pets (e.g. bleach, phosphorous fertilizers, etc) Cover with tin foil, so that if a pet happens to get into the room unsupervised, they cannot drink or play in the water.
  • Pine Needles: Pine needles are poisonous if ingested, so keep that vacuum handy, and lower branches out of reach. Sweeping them up daily also avoids tracking them into other areas. Watch out for diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia or lethargy and call your vet or emergency clinic as soon as you notice these symptoms.
  • Decorations: Keep them out of reach of pets, especially holiday lights. Cats are    notorious for chewing on string-like things, including electrical cords. Baubles are likely to break if knocked off the tree and glass and sharp objects can easily cause cuts and punctures that will require a trip to the vet!
  • Holiday plants:Poinsettias and other popular holiday plants can be toxic, and often very attractive for pets to nibble on. Keep them up high, or gift them to people without pets. Use fake versions made out of fabric instead – they will last for many years and will keep your wallet in your pocket, should your pet investigate.

    A festive feline enjoying the holiday season

  • Candles: Make sure to keep pets away from candles. Pets can be drawn to the flame and with fur covering 90% of their body, curiosity could kill the cat! Use    enclosed lantern-style candle holders to keep all paws in place.
  • Gifts: You may not know what is inside a wrapped gift, but dogs’ noses do.   Presents that include any foods could be potentially fatal especially if it’s a box of chocolates, nuts, etc. Keep unknown gifts in a closet until it is time for them to be opened – by you, not your pets!

Southwest Veterinary Hospital will be closed Friday, December 23rd in celebration of the holidays. Please leave us a message at 825-7984, or email at and we will get back to you on Monday, December 26th at 7:30a.m. In the event of an emergency, please call the Animal Emergency Center ( at 851-3600.

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    • I am sorry to hear that your dogs think your holiday tree is something to urinate on!! I would recommend to only allow access to the tree when they are supervised and use positive reinforcement when your dogs urinate in the correct place:)

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