How to avoid the shake, rattle and roll of bath time!

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  • How to avoid the shake, rattle and roll of bath time!
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How to avoid the shake, rattle and roll of bath time!

Without a doubt, everyone has had that bath time experience where they end up soaked and covered in more suds than the pet! No need to re-live any nightmares, follow these steps to make the next experience more spa and less sea world!


  • The Place – The bathroom is a scary place for pets with hair dryers, shower curtains and a slippery tub. Get your pet familiar with being in the room without a bath. If the weather is warm enough to do it outside, great! Just remember to have your pet dry off in a safe place, away from the opportunity to roll and ruin your hard work!
  • Safety and Security – Make your pet feel safe in the bath tub by using a non-slip mat in the bottom of the tub. Having their feet securely placed makes them less likely to panic. Old yoga mats work great!
  •  Product – No need for fancy expensive shampoos that add volume or assist with dry and damaged hair. The best shampoo is one specifically designed for pets. These have the correct pH for their skin and coat and often have a ‘no tear’ guarantee like children’s shampoos.
  • Temperature – Always ensure that the water is room temperature. While we might enjoy a steaming shower, pets cannot tell us when the water us too hot.
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse! Once the pet has been lathered with shampoo, the most important step is to make sure no product remains. Rinse your pet thoroughly and don’t forget places hard to reach places like the groin and armpits where suds can get missed and then dry and irritate your pet’s skin.
  • Drying – Your pet will most likely shake some water off on their own but always use a towel to rub them down after. This will help with any excess moisture and shorten the dry time. Avoid using a hair dryer as it tends to dry out skin and the temperature can easily become too hot for comfort!


Most of all, remember to have fun! Bath time should be a pleasant time to spend one-on-one with your pet, not a daunting experience for all involved!

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